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Providing access to a selection of bespoke senior secured, asset backed securities for our partners

Stagshead Distribution

A Global Opportunity Sourcing, Structuring and Distribution Company

Stagshead Distribution (“SDL”) is a professional debt capital markets company based out of the UK and the UAE. We specialise in structured finance transactions across a broad range of underlying asset classes. We have considerable experience in structuring rated wholesale institutional debt transactions with particular expertise in Asset Backed Securities, listed on a major European or Global stock exchanges. We offer an array of services including research, strategies, due diligence and structuring services, ongoing management or advisory services and capital raising with a global mandate. This involves the engagement and management of all key transaction counterparties.

Our Products

Stagshead Distribution provides access to a selection of high yield, senior secured, asset backed bonds in performing asset classes. All products offer fixed income, with quarterly coupon payments listed on major European stock exchanges. Each product is uncorrelated to the financial markets.


We work closely with companies which have good assets and strong cash flow. Together with our partners, we offer a cost-effective, tailor-made, single or multi-issuance, debt programme where we can assist with both Primary and Secondary Markets. We market the security through our global distribution network.
SDL have currently originated and structured, together with our regulated partners, MTN bond programs to the value of $1.4B across a variety of plain vanilla and more complex investment structures, from listed debt to private placements and funds / structured products. Asset class coverage has covered Real Estate, Mining, Lending / Receivables and Renewable Energy.

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